Apartment Investment Consultants

Integrity      Reliability          Honesty        Experience

Apartment Investment Consultants

Integrity      Reliability          Honesty        Experience

Get to know us…

Apartment Investment Consultants (AIC) was founded by California Real Estate Brokers in the San Francisco Easr Bay Area of Northern California who share years of experience in helping clients fulfil their real estate needs and dreams, both commercial and residential, in addition to their experience in construction and development. We employ no agents. When you talk with us, you talk directly with broker-advisors. Doing business in an ethical manner with integrity is paramount to our success and our success is achieved only through the individual success stories of our clients.

The Broken California Brokerage Model
The very structure of the California real estate brokerage model inherently creates conflicts of interest for real estate agents. It typically forces buyers, sellers and their agents into adversarial relationships rather than cooperative relationships, similar to that of victims and defendants, prosecution and defense attorneys. The model pushes brokers to focus on their employed agents’ production levels rather than on what is truly important and these pressured agents often lose sight of what advice or action is truly best for their clients in favor of advice that will help ensure a closed transaction. These dynamics undermine the trust investors must be able to place in their representative to create the most successful deal.
Is it any wonder that a 2007 poll placed real estate agents just below used car salespeople but marginally above attorneys and politicians when considering relative levels of fundamental trustworthiness?
Our Improved Approach
  • Although we are not a brokerage firm in the classic sense
  • We are a network of specialized independent Brokers
  • We employ no agents
  • We offer full-service brokerage
  • You always deal with an independent Broker
  • Working with independent Brokers is refreshingly different
    • Conflicts of interest are eliminated
    • Cooperative relationships are created
    • We create win-win deals for our investor clients
    • Our clients' needs always come first
    • We always advise & act in our clients’ best interest
    • No pressure to close a deal
    • We only get paid if you are successful
    • We will earn your trust, guaranteed
We Are Here to Help

We are here to help savvy investors successfully navigate current and future turbulent market changes and efficiently maximize their long-term investment goals. Investment in multi-family real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area has been a very lucrative but conservative arena for investors for many years. In mid-2017 we forecast a serious change in the local apartment marketplace. We saw conflicting market fundamentals, many of which oppose major socio-economic concerns and the writing was on the wall concerning rent affordability subsequent, government control and the potential impact on CAP rates and the subsequent ROI for investors.

One Size Does Not Fit All Investors

 In our years of experience working with investors we have discovered that there is no one-size-fits-all successful investment strategy or philosophy. Every successful investor is as unique in their goals and the methods used to achieve them, as they are in their rugged, determined individuality. Buying, selling and trading assets on a tax free or tax deferred basis are all parts of a long-term strategy focused on long-term return on investment. Holding, flipping, value add, distressed and trophy properties all have places in the right portfolio. Matching buyers, sellers and traders to achieve win-win solutions moving each toward their individual goals, while minimizing tax impact, is what we do. We get to know our clients first by listening. While we successfully market properties and represent buyers, we are not salespeople…we are not built on the typical real estate brokerage model. We are a full service advisory focused network of independent multi-family real estate brokers. We employ no agents.

Database of Active Buyers and Sellers

Please consider joining the rapidly growing number of investors, both buyers and sellers, who have registered with us, on a no-obligation basis, as currently active investors. We would love the opportunity to match you with the right deal. Our database is proprietary, not public. No information is ever disclosed without your express permission.

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